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Be relevant (at scale.)  The. only. sure. way. to differentiate your business in the new economy.


Tweak Your Business.

— Innovate your Business Model —


Reach Your Results.

... with actionable insights from your Data.




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Enhance Customer Experience

Leverage a wide array of data sources and gain insights with Data Science to improve understanding of your Customers on their Patterns and behavior.

Grow Revenue

Through actionable Customer Analytics, identify the right Customers to target, run better marketing campaigns, and improve your product success in the marketplace.

Protect your Intellectual Assets

Analyze internal and external risk for threats to your intellectual property and sensitive information.

Reduce Warranty Maintenance Costs

Advanced Analytics can now leverage data to identify specific problem areas and predict/forecast equipment that’s likely to give out, cost of repairs, thus optimizing your Warranty / Maintenance efficiency.

Improve Citizen Services

Reduce Fraud. Reduce Crime. Improve Citizen services. Big Data and Predictive Analytics now allow public sector organizations to derive amazing benefits for their Citizens.

Improve Profitability with Optimal Pricing

Increase your profitability with optimal pricing strategy by optimizing your internal cost/margin environment and external demand scenarios. Add impact to Customer loyalty, Competition and local preferences into the mix.

  • will soon level the playing field for Small biz, against big biz, in the next 5 years what Internet did in the 2000's.
    Ram Himmatraopet
  • "Business models are becoming OBSOLETE faster than Technology. Check your business model first! Are you able to PREDICT and ACT?"
  • Inc. magazine says: According to CEO Jonah Peretti, BuzzFeed’s unique monthly visitors more than quintupled, from 28 million to 150 million in the last two years - thanks mainly to the Data Science team led by Ngyuyen.

    “We said. 'OK. We can write a piece of code that sends you, on Fridays, according to our analysis, the top 20 posts we should be promoting,… data only tells its observer what is happening, not why it's happening. You have to know where its limits are. Using data properly is a constant stream of experiments and feedback.”

    Dao NguyenHead of Data and Growth, BuzzFeed
  • Which part of your Organization is the most driven? Marketing? Supply chain? That is the first place to start your journey.
  • "To achieve Speed, remove too many dependencies in the chain."

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